My new studio, well.... as it was when the building was first constructed. Back then it was a bank, then the town hall, and after that, the town library. Come by if you ever find yourself in Trafalgar Indiana.

Update — A new mobile friendly website is in progress! will be live by the end of April and this site will link the browser to it.

To date — 1500+ computers, laptops, servers, have been recycled as part of this adventure.

The parts not used are taken to an e-cycling facility.


Recycling Computers? A different approach and the artwork you will see on this site is created from computers, laptops, servers, silicon wafers, a few printers and scanners that have been completely broken down to the basic components. Many of these were purchased at auctions or were destined to go to land fills or recyclers because they didn’t work, or were simply too old to be of any use. Below are some of the parts of a hard drive, the center red ring can be removed and used, the housing aluminum and platters recycled as well as the rest of it.

Updated 4/6/2015

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